Our Story

Esh Foods, LLC, is a wholesale distributor of fresh, high-quality food at reasonable prices from Lancaster County, PA, to the Mid Atlantic states.

EggsOver 40 years ago, Samuel Esh built a 5,000 unit chicken house to provide work for his growing family.  Within ten years of that venture, he began marketing his eggs retail in a retail market in Delaware County called Booth Corner Farmer’s Market. At the peak of his sales there in the late 1970’s, Samuel and his wife sold 10,000 dozen eggs in two days - that’s about 7 dozen a minute!

In 1979, Samuel’s son David took over the wholesale side of the business and expanded the product line greatly to include 2,000 items beyond just eggs. Today, under the leadership of Dave Esh, and his daughter & son-in-law, Esh Foods sells products produced in Lancaster County to stores and Farmer’s markets in the tri-state region.  Esh Foods is so blessed to offer our customers three generations of experience!

The Esh Foods family gives God the honor and glory for this great heritage.  We have seen the promise of Romans Chapter 8 displayed in the lives of the generations before us, including our founders, Samuel and Malinda Esh.

Esh Foods

Our Mission

Esh Foods is dedicated to provide our customers with the finest and highest quality of food and to provide an enjoyable work place for each employee.


Equality - to make every employee a part of our team.

Service - to always provide the best and friendliest service possible and make good service our #1 strength.

Honesty - to always treat customers with honesty, integrity, and respect.


Fairness - to always treat each fellow employee fairly.

Observant - to be carefully attentive to the needs of our customers and fellow employees.

Oneness - to be in unity as a team.

Diligence - to be steady and consistent in every application.

Significance - see every day as an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of every customer, employee, and the "world" we meet.


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