Meet Our Team

Meet our friendly staff. Customer Service is what defines us as a company and each one of our employees aim to make your experience with Esh Foods enjoyable and profitable.

Dave Esh
Dave Esh is the President and owner of Esh Foods LLC and is the son of Samuel Esh, founder of Esh Foods. He is instrumental in making Esh Foods the purveyor of quality foods to farmer's markets in the tri-state region and beyond. He has built Esh Foods businessmodel off of customer service and works to instill those principles in all of his employees!
Jason Stoltzfus
Jason Stoltzfus is the Vice-President and son-in- law of Dave Esh. He has done an excellent job overseeing our construction these last couple years. Among his many jobs, He also oversees the trucks and directing their routes. Jason does a good job of keeping everything under control as he takes on more and more directorial re- sponsibilities.
Ann Michelle Stoltzfus
Ann Michelle Stoltzfus is Esh Foods Office Manager. She is the daughter of Dave Esh and wife of Jason Stoltzfus. She is the office manager, oversees our website, taxes, trains new employees and much, much more. She is dedicated to her job and works hard to see Esh Foods be successful and that the office runs efficiently.
Michael Roadcup
Michael Roadcup is the purchasing manager. He has been with Esh Foods for over ten years. Starting out working in the warehouse, and then as a driver, he quickly showed an aptitude for purchasing and has been doing a great job since he began. He oversees the weekly ordering of all products that come through Esh Foods doors.
Debra Reyes
Debra Reyes has been with Esh Foods for almost ten years. She worked as the secretary for many of those years. Just over two years ago she began working with customer accounts and is our customer service manag- er. She does a wonderful job and has a comprehensive knowledge of all that goes on in the office. If you ever have a question, she is the person to help.
Spring Seldomridge, Star Salzman, John Esh and Joshua Kenderdine
Rosa Stoltzfus has joined Esh Foods recently. She works in customer service and secretarial work. Courtney Stoltzfus just started with Esh Foods this year. She works as the receptionist and in customer service. Cecilia Ramos is our front desk receptionist (not pictured) John Esh has been working in customer service for us for many years and also does all of our private labeling for the jar goods for us. Joshua Kenderdine has been at Esh Foods for over two years. He helps with the purchasing and customer service.
Stephanie Roadcup
Stephanie Roadcup began working at Esh Foods four years ago. Originally just to help out with the faxes, her job has grown to include the marketing of our products, coordinat- ing special events such as the food show and filling our online retail orders. She helps the salesmen with organizing sales throughout the year and designs the sales flyers that you sometimes see on your invoices.
Dick Shellenberger
Dick Shellenberger began working for Esh Foods in 2014 to head up our new Human Resources depart- ment. We have gained an advantage in utilizing his experience and are excited to have him as part of our team as we work to improve our procedures and tech- niques.
Efrain Reyes
Efrain Reyes began in our warehouse in the Fall of 2013 as a part time employee. In April of 2014 year he became full-time in the warehouse. As Esh Foods grew, they needed somebody to be full-time maintenance and Efrain fit the bill. If something needs fixing, he's your guy!
Esh Foods warehouse
Our warehouse guys work hard to make sure that all of the orders are filled and trucks are loaded properly. They are an integral part of logistics and customer service. You can almost guaran- tee that if you ordered it, these guys handled it.
Esh Foods truck driveres
Our truck drivers are also hard workers that weekly bring your products to your stores or to your front doors. You probably know many of their faces from their deliveries that they make. They are dedicated to getting your product to you safely and on time.
Esh Foods salesmen
Esh Foods salesmen are the face of our company and the salesmen's main concern is to make their custom- ers happy through low prices and GREAT customer ser- vice! They are always willing to help and keep you in- formed about sales and other promotions. They will come to your stand and run demo's for you or set you up with one of our fantastic demo people!
Esh Foods team
Our beef jerky and cream cheese spreads are the crème of the crop and so are the people that help produce them. Paul Jay Stoltzfus is our manu- facturing manager. Him and his team work hard every week to produce some of the best cream cheese spreads and beef jerky you have ever tast- ed. See Paul at his booth to give you more ideas about how to promote and use our spreads and beef jerky.